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We started our work in St. Petersburg in 2012 by handcrafting clear protective stickers sets for local mountain bikers. Began as a hobby it surprisingly became the second job and our universal sets of protective stickers called “SMARTSAVERS” (“Velokleyka” for russian market) appeared at the most progressive bike shops of St. Petersburg and Moscow. The idea was easy to understand and a lot of bikers desided to protect the painting of their bikes from scratches.

In 2014 we set a new “ILIN protection” brand and showed off light and effective mudguards that we called “Gorilla”. Like “SMARTSAVERS” sets “Gorilla” fenders rapidly became popular among enthusiasts of MTB. In 2015 we started selling our products to the whole world and the new page of ILIN protection’s history began…

Dr. Dmitry Ilin


ILIN protection Gorilla cut